Frequently Asked Questions

  • For general customers, Fete Finder provides users with a one-stop shop for information on and access to fetes, festivals and carnivals around the world on an easy to use, safe and secure web environment. Fete Finder also allows users the ability to interact with fellow “feterans” through our social community platform.
  • For promoters, Fete Finder provides a single dashboard, allows you to stay updated with everything related to your events (i.e., finances, attendees, and relevant changes). Fete Finder also enables you to plan your event from registration, ticketing, listing, promotions, and payments.

Yes, we very much so believe in doing our due diligence in not only securing our websites but our users as well. Here are the ways we secure the site:

    • We use industry standard SSL encryption on the Fete Finders website. All transactions are protected and encrypted..
    • All payment methods are handled through third-party processing centers (Paypal, Stripe) and users’ financial data is never stored on our server. 
    • We vet newly registered users by cross-checking with their social media accounts, emails and verified photo ID.  Other verification methods may be used including but not limited to state registration records, EINs, and other methods of business registration identification.
    • We run constant monitoring on our webservers to ensure security and performance is optimized for user experience.
    • We prioritize your safety and are monitoring and adding new security features to ensure your safety. We encourage you to reach out to our security team for more information.

. offers vendors e-store capabilities at our market place.  We are constantly adding features to the store including reselling your goods,  an event ticket or a costume for free; 

Carnival and Caribbean-related businesses may advertise their website and/or services in our “Add Listing” and “Listings” section. Listings package prices vary. For listing package pricing please visit here.

.For any additional questions you might have regarding the site, your account profile, partnership or marketing opportunities, or anything else contact us on our Contact page or by phone (877)618-6577